Wednesday, August 22, 2012

what im wearing today.

BUN HEAD---> if you are in my age range, then like me you rocked this jr high through high school and it sat right on the top of your head.  i never thought i would find myself here again.  hah, but i love it and it is super easy, super chic. and just like the first time you rid yourself of your 70s bush... it takes a minute to get used to but it looks good on you.  try it out. its all the rage #rawr

SHADES---> although borrowing Ozzy's shades is the trend. see here:  
 i prefer aviators.  it is not that i am dissing the look... its just i am toooo much the look....  see here:  

right?? Ozzy or Jenna??  

i actually really like the trend and think its super rad to rock (like Taylor Momsen) but for me i just have to stick to what i love and know i will wear the hell out of.  the ones i am wearing in the original pic are from Akira Chicago.  i got them for under $10!! :O loves it.  buuut i can't deny it.. i do love to drop a couple on a nice pair of shades. perhaps some T Fords?? :)

PLAID SHIRT---> yep, even after not being able to go somewhere without wearing the same thing as every other person... i still rock a plaid shirt and still love it and layer it.  they're comfy, cute and def go a little over sized!

BASIC TANK---> i wear this thing allll the time.  my granny actually got it for me last year and i just started using it. this one if from Victoria's Secret.  Akira also has some great basics like their tube bras and half camis.  they are great to wear under sheer blouses, plaid shirts ;) etc.. and a great alternative if you are not up for wearing a bra!

RIPPED JEANS---> i love ripped jeans.  i will wear them til they shred.  this pair, i did just that.. and then added some stripped patches.  my plan is to keep these always so it should be interesting to see how they look in a couple more years :)  

CHUNKY WEDGES---> i rocked my chunky Jeffrey Campbell wedges.  believe it or not they are extremely comfortable.  chunk is in for shoes and JC always has some hotties. 

til next time. xx
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