Monday, August 27, 2012

i think im turning canadian i really think so.


Perhaps I have been inspired from all the Canadians I have been around recently or maybe I just like denim.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with my words, a denim top paired with a denim bottom is  ratted as a "Canadian Tuxedo" orrr "Denim Sani (sandwich)". I love my Canadian friends so know I am being kind.
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (both--> @jennalici0us) you saw my minor dilemma of wearing my glasses to nerd up my nerdy look or not to wear them. This time I went without them.

BUN HEAD---> yet again ;)

Leopard Print iPhone Case---> duh :O

Bleached Out Denim Top---> denim is a trend that is always popping up.  usually in and out really fast (don't be such a pervert). i got this one a while back from Forever 21.. here is a similar one. if i remember correctly the one i got had just a little hombre bleach effect that i did not like so i took it into my own hands and dipped this baby in some bleach. Akira has a cute one in stores right now.. come see me in Bucktown, if you buy it i will give you a deal on your second piece :)
not into a denim sani?? wear this with black bottoms... throw a cropped T underneath.. find your way to rock it.

My Rockin Belt---> vintage savvy Tracy Burton passed this fabulous make of a belt my way.  both my hubby and i can be seen walking the streets in it.  its hot its rockin and finding one like it would only make you a happier being.

Jean Shorts For Life---> these babies are Free People.  i do wish i got them a size smaller because THEY GROW! but i still love them and wear them a lot. annnd i get to rock my T Burton belt with them.  

Knee High Stockings--->from American Apparel love LoVe LOVE.  i get them in sheer and opaque.  i wear them with booties like this or my knee high boots. #justdoit

Duty Booties---> these lovlies are years old but fabulous as ever.  i got them at Akira and the ever so comfy leathered out brand is Seychelles. Their styles rock and let's just say i can wear them a full shift on the floor at AKIRA... they're comfy.  here is a similar style you can get now---> Fever Pitch. #getit

xx come back for more spazzticness

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