Monday, October 8, 2012

omg wer back again.


I have always been a fan of vintage styles.  Connecting to past eras has never been a problem for me and I swear some way or another I did indeed live them.  

While in search of a new passion project I began shopping vintage pieces in store and in family; I quickly became extremely inspired.  I decided to choose a few of my favorite finds and share them by making them available for purchase on my Etsy shop: JennaLeone.  

Here are some shots of the pieces and how I styled them...(for more info and history on each piece please click the names and they will send you to the their links at my shop)

from left to right starting in the top row: 

again: "Marie", "Gilda", and "Bayba"

these fabulous harem pants, also known as "Rose", Marie's best friend :), were hand made in Bali! --->

Shots of me wearing "Janice" and "Joanie". Two very 90s; very NOW must have Fall 2012 jackets!-->


I chose these pieces because I truly believe in them.  They are direct examples of what is happening in the world of fashion.  "Everything old is new again!"


and last but not least... photo cred to my amazing husband who has practiced ever so hard to capture a flattering iphone photo :) i love you Chunk

Monday, September 3, 2012

its all white.


Bun Head---> yet again ;)

Lace Dress...YES---> so... to some this dress is very familiar... here is why-> 

it was worn by my beautiful bridesmaids!!  this hot number is by American Gold. i loooove their stuff. so amazing...just fab.  for the wedding the girls wore a basic cami dress under and i reinvented it with a basic half cami from Akira and black cut off shorts.  i will probably do it again with leggings and skinnies as it gets colder out. you can still get this exact dress at Spanish Moss and here are a few similar ones i found on Etsy: 1|2|3 this is a great look that caters to many different styles whether you are a city rocker, suburban mom, or mellow hippie. try it out and wear it to please you.

ShooooeZ---> rocking yet again... Jeffrey Campbell. these ones are called "Lita" and can be found in so many styles at so many shops (so choose wisely.  Check it out->Akira | Sole Struck (the first ones w/ the harness are the exact ones i have on) |Nasty Gal and more...just google "lita" and see.  these shoes are fun and even pretty comfortable.  change out the laces to alter your look and rock them always. remember height and chunk in shoes is in iN IN. 

ta ta for now.

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mellow hippie


Hippie Threads---> i found this amazing crochet hippie top at a resale shop in West Town, Chicago called Estate.  A woman opened this shop to sell all of her old belongings... there are SO many goodies for yourself and gifts.  For Love and Lemons has some really great similar styled dresses/tops.  Etsy talents have some really cute ones as well HERE!  These tops/dresses blend beautifully from Summer into Fall.  Most of them can be paired with leggings or skinnies and rocked with a boot...makes a perf everyday kinda outfit!

AccessoRIZE!---> gypsy bangles... rings... big earrings... la la la la la.  WEAR THEM!  i got my fabulous cuffs at the Field Museum in Chicago. the gift shop there has pieces hand made from all over the world. it is really an amazing shop. i LOVE it and really need to go back soon.  big rings are a must right now.  here are some great ones: Nasty GalAkira has some amazing ones! also  loving the ones at Top Shop.  last but NOT LEAST.... the knuckle ring.  uhh i love them and am going to be ordering some gold ones from Etsy! #justdoit

Da ShoeZ--->these dirt nasty cowboy booties are fabulous.  made by Jeffrey Campbell, bought at AKIRA.  they come with a removable harness that makes music as i walk! i absolutely love them.  i did however get these a few years ago (and still rockin).  here are some present day options to rock this boot: here :) and here... also here and OMG lookie what i found here!

come back for more 
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

tipsy gypsy.


Messy Hair---> always.

Cat Eyes---> got mine at Akira Chicago... i know like two posts ago i said i stick to aviators but the very next day i came across these and i even tried on a pair of OZZIES!! buuuut i still could not do it so... i did these and i love them. Dior has a great pair at Nordstrom right now and a more budget friendly at Nasty Gal. #rockem

Gypsy Dress & Torn Tee---> i bought this long sleeved fitted maxi online at Akira and wore it for my friends wedding shower this last Spring and paired it with a smoking hot Report Signature heel... went a different route this time.  throwing my custom made ripped tee over it really gave it that grungy feel.  i am not a big dress girl so pairing it with the tee really helped me feel like me while in a dress.  i will definitely be seen wearing this again as it gets colder out and an over sized sweater thrown over. #justdoit

Rugged Boots---> love these! i bought them at H&M while walking Chicago's Mag Mile.  they are a no name boot but are real leather. this is a great shoe to rock this Fall and Winter.  very versatile very comfy very.... #justdoit  Doc Martens has a whole page dedicated to "rugged" boots and Nasty Gal has a few cuties! Here, here, heeeere... and here.

have fun and shop ALWAYS!!
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Monday, August 27, 2012

i think im turning canadian i really think so.


Perhaps I have been inspired from all the Canadians I have been around recently or maybe I just like denim.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with my words, a denim top paired with a denim bottom is  ratted as a "Canadian Tuxedo" orrr "Denim Sani (sandwich)". I love my Canadian friends so know I am being kind.
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (both--> @jennalici0us) you saw my minor dilemma of wearing my glasses to nerd up my nerdy look or not to wear them. This time I went without them.

BUN HEAD---> yet again ;)

Leopard Print iPhone Case---> duh :O

Bleached Out Denim Top---> denim is a trend that is always popping up.  usually in and out really fast (don't be such a pervert). i got this one a while back from Forever 21.. here is a similar one. if i remember correctly the one i got had just a little hombre bleach effect that i did not like so i took it into my own hands and dipped this baby in some bleach. Akira has a cute one in stores right now.. come see me in Bucktown, if you buy it i will give you a deal on your second piece :)
not into a denim sani?? wear this with black bottoms... throw a cropped T underneath.. find your way to rock it.

My Rockin Belt---> vintage savvy Tracy Burton passed this fabulous make of a belt my way.  both my hubby and i can be seen walking the streets in it.  its hot its rockin and finding one like it would only make you a happier being.

Jean Shorts For Life---> these babies are Free People.  i do wish i got them a size smaller because THEY GROW! but i still love them and wear them a lot. annnd i get to rock my T Burton belt with them.  

Knee High Stockings--->from American Apparel love LoVe LOVE.  i get them in sheer and opaque.  i wear them with booties like this or my knee high boots. #justdoit

Duty Booties---> these lovlies are years old but fabulous as ever.  i got them at Akira and the ever so comfy leathered out brand is Seychelles. Their styles rock and let's just say i can wear them a full shift on the floor at AKIRA... they're comfy.  here is a similar style you can get now---> Fever Pitch. #getit

xx come back for more spazzticness

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Friday, August 24, 2012

i changed my pants.

Oops I did it again: BEANIE---> its that time of the year.. i wear a beanie whenever i get the chance.  i love them. #justdoit 

VEST & T-SHIRT---> i snagged my vest from my hubby's side of the closet.  he actually wore this for our wedding, and now i recreate it for my "casual menswear chic" look??.. it is super simple and perfect to just pair it with a basic T underneath.  the one i have on is from TOP SHOP.  i got it in every color when i was in NY last year and i still wear them :O  i even bought them in a couple different sizes so some fit like this white one does and then i wear my black one oversized for a different feel. i love white t shirts. they are lovely.

PANTS---> i started with my torn up Dylan George denim that i got in store at Akira Chicago.  these jeans are fabulous in fit and feel but my favorite feature is the side zippers at the ankle.  i can talk more about these next time i keep them on because this time, i changed my pants...  i ended up going with a sleeker look for this already very tomboy ensemble.  they are just a basic stretch skinny denim pant that i recommend for everyone.  This time of the year you can get them anywhere.  Citizens of Humanity has a fabulous selection, a great skinny being the AVEDON ULTRA SKINNY.  and just as much as i love a pair designer denim, i really LOVE loading up on cheapy skinnies like the ones at Forever 21.  Akira brand denim is also perfect for this look and in store at Bucktown Women's they are doing Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 OFF!  so... whether you go with Skinny JeansLeviH&M, or Paige #justdoit because TIS THE SEASON FOR BOOTS!! :O

SHOES---> these bad boys are FABULOUS!! brought to us by Messeca and named "Coraline".  i love them because they can be done Spring, Summer...and FALL.  they are comfy and who does not love a hot wedge.  these Messeca's are still available online to purchase and in many color options: click HERE.  note: you may have to go down a half size and if not just insert a full sole cushion (that's what i did) and they are good to go.  

til next time... xx
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

what im wearing today.

BUN HEAD---> if you are in my age range, then like me you rocked this jr high through high school and it sat right on the top of your head.  i never thought i would find myself here again.  hah, but i love it and it is super easy, super chic. and just like the first time you rid yourself of your 70s bush... it takes a minute to get used to but it looks good on you.  try it out. its all the rage #rawr

SHADES---> although borrowing Ozzy's shades is the trend. see here:  
 i prefer aviators.  it is not that i am dissing the look... its just i am toooo much the look....  see here:  

right?? Ozzy or Jenna??  

i actually really like the trend and think its super rad to rock (like Taylor Momsen) but for me i just have to stick to what i love and know i will wear the hell out of.  the ones i am wearing in the original pic are from Akira Chicago.  i got them for under $10!! :O loves it.  buuut i can't deny it.. i do love to drop a couple on a nice pair of shades. perhaps some T Fords?? :)

PLAID SHIRT---> yep, even after not being able to go somewhere without wearing the same thing as every other person... i still rock a plaid shirt and still love it and layer it.  they're comfy, cute and def go a little over sized!

BASIC TANK---> i wear this thing allll the time.  my granny actually got it for me last year and i just started using it. this one if from Victoria's Secret.  Akira also has some great basics like their tube bras and half camis.  they are great to wear under sheer blouses, plaid shirts ;) etc.. and a great alternative if you are not up for wearing a bra!

RIPPED JEANS---> i love ripped jeans.  i will wear them til they shred.  this pair, i did just that.. and then added some stripped patches.  my plan is to keep these always so it should be interesting to see how they look in a couple more years :)  

CHUNKY WEDGES---> i rocked my chunky Jeffrey Campbell wedges.  believe it or not they are extremely comfortable.  chunk is in for shoes and JC always has some hotties. 

til next time. xx
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