Monday, October 8, 2012

omg wer back again.


I have always been a fan of vintage styles.  Connecting to past eras has never been a problem for me and I swear some way or another I did indeed live them.  

While in search of a new passion project I began shopping vintage pieces in store and in family; I quickly became extremely inspired.  I decided to choose a few of my favorite finds and share them by making them available for purchase on my Etsy shop: JennaLeone.  

Here are some shots of the pieces and how I styled them...(for more info and history on each piece please click the names and they will send you to the their links at my shop)

from left to right starting in the top row: 

again: "Marie", "Gilda", and "Bayba"

these fabulous harem pants, also known as "Rose", Marie's best friend :), were hand made in Bali! --->

Shots of me wearing "Janice" and "Joanie". Two very 90s; very NOW must have Fall 2012 jackets!-->


I chose these pieces because I truly believe in them.  They are direct examples of what is happening in the world of fashion.  "Everything old is new again!"


and last but not least... photo cred to my amazing husband who has practiced ever so hard to capture a flattering iphone photo :) i love you Chunk

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